Barn Rules

At The Mulford Riding School, safety is paramount. To keep the students (and horses, dogs and cats!) healthy and safe, the following rules must be observed. Anyone dropping off, picking up, or watching riders must also be aware of these rules:

  1. Arrival/Pickup – Please wait by the RED GATE next to the back parking area until called for your lesson. Please stay back from the fence and do not pet or feed the horses while waiting.
  2. Riders only. For your child safety, only riders are permitted in the barn and stalls. Parents, friends and siblings must remain in the viewing area.
  3. Do not feed the horses by hand. If you would like to feed the horses a treat please ask Mr. Mulford.
  4. Playground – Please, the playground is off limits.
  5. Pets – Please do not let your pets out of your car, no matter how friendly they may be.
  6. Attire – Horseback riding paddock boots, certified horseback riding helmet, riding britches, any shirt appropriate for the weather. If you need to be outfitted, please visit Dover Saddlery
  7. DRESS APPROPRIATELY for the WEATHER! (Raincoats when it’s raining, gloves and long underwear when it’s cold, etc.)
  8. Class start – please wait at the RED GATE until your class start time. Do not come up prior to your class starting time.
  9. Please follow all of the rules for everyone’s safety.