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Riding Lessons

The #1 horseback riding lessons in northern Virginia!  Riding instruction at The Mulford Riding School emphasizes balance, seat, and legs to communicate with the horse – no yanking the reins or kicking.

  • Trains legs to be in proper position
  • Maintains proper body position
  • Correctly use leg signals
  • Does not rely on stirrups for balance

Balance is key to riding – it is a foundation on which our riding programs are based. We train riders to have proper leg and body position for a well balanced seat. We do not rely on stirrups for balance. We teach correct leg signals to communicate with the horse. When a student has proper balance, he or she is then free to use various methods to signal the horse, while remaining safely in control. To build comfort level while on a horse, students perform a variety of balance exercise during each class.

Here are some pictures of lessons in action at our equestrian farm in Centreville, VA – see more on the Gallery Page:

At Mulford Riding, lessons are comprehensive classes, involving constant reinforcement of fundamentals. Harry Mulford provides immediate feedback and instruction.

With a lifetime of riding experience, Harry knows just how to explain the proper technique.
Riding is more than just getting on a horse. Mulford riding teaches all aspects of horsemanship including grooming, tacking up the care of a horse and even a little horse psychology.