Riding Lessons

The #1 horseback riding lessons in northern Virginia!  Riding instruction at The Mulford Riding School emphasizes balance, seat, and legs to communicate with the horse – no yanking the reins or kicking.

  • Trains legs to be in proper position
  • Maintains proper body position
  • Correctly use leg signals
  • Does not rely on stirrups for balance

Balance is key to riding – it is a foundation on which our riding programs are based. We train riders to have proper leg and body position for a well balanced seat. We do not rely on stirrups for balance. We teach correct leg signals to communicate with the horse. When a student has proper balance, he or she is then free to use various methods to signal the horse, while remaining safely in control. To build comfort level while on a horse, students perform a variety of balance exercise during each class.

Here are some pictures of lessons in action at our equestrian farm in Centreville, VA – see more on the Gallery Page:

At Mulford Riding, lessons are comprehensive classes, involving constant reinforcement of fundamentals. Harry Mulford and instructors provide immediate feedback and instruction.

With a lifetime of riding experience, Mr. Mulford knows just how to explain the proper technique.
Riding is more than just getting on a horse. Mulford Riding teaches all aspects of horsemanship including grooming, tacking up the care of a horse and even a little horse psychology.


  • We teach English Horseback Riding.
  • Ages 5-adult.
  • Lessons are scheduled by appointment only.
  • All Lessons are about an hour and a half long. 
  • Lessons for children 5-6 years old are an hour, to an hour and 15 minutes long. 
  • We teach correct grooming, tacking up and riding within each lesson. 
  • We start everyone with 3 private lessons. 

After the first 3 private lessons, we will determine if the rider is ready to safely join a group, needs an assistant to join a group or needs more private lessons. 

Many riders need several series of privates and/or assisted Group lessons before being independently safe in a group.

Lesson Days and Facility Tours

We teach seven days a week. You will have a tour of our Barns during your first scheduled lesson.

Adult Only lessons: 

  • 9:30-11 a.m. on the following days 
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursdays (with home-schoolers), 
  • Friday

Children and adults: 

  • Wednesdays/Fridays 4-5:30 
  • Saturdays/Sundays all lessons

Weight Limits and General Health

  • People under 5’7″ the weight limit is 170lbs.  
  • People between 5’8″ and 6’2″ the weight limit is 195lbs
  • Height limit of 6’2”

All riders must be in FIT condition before scheduling lessons.


All  Payments are made on our website under Bill Pay.  Please do not make a payment until we confirm the dates and times of your lessons through email.

  • 1 private lesson $150
  • 3 private lessons $360
  • 3 semi private lessons $300( each rider)(this is if you sign up with a sibling or sign up with a friend.)

Group Lessons (6 consecutive Weeks)

  • 6 assisted Group lessons $520
  • 6 Group lessons $485
  • Rental helmet for first 3 private lessons $25

What to Wear

Please wear long pants and paddock boots. You can rent a helmet from us for the first 3 lessons. After that, you will need to purchase your own helmet. A good place to get these is Dover Saddlery in Chantilly.

You should go to Dover to be fitted for a helmet. This is not something you should buy online. 

When You Arrive

Please park in the front of the building, walk back down the driveway until you come to a red gate. Please stop at the red gate and wait for us to wave you up to the barn. 

How to Sign Up

Lessons are scheduled by appointment only.  

Please email Mulfordridingcamp@gmail.com if you would like to Schedule lessons.  Please include the days and times that you are available, AND your (the rider’s) age, height and weight and I will give you our next available opening.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We will need a weeks notice by email, for any missed class, for any reason.  If we do not receive a weeks notice then that lesson will be counted as one of the lessons, regardless of the reason. There is one extension of a week allowed per series when given a weeks emailed notice. The series must be completed in 7 weeks.  

There are no refunds or exchanges or carryovers for any reason.