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Girl Scout and Boy Scout Outings

Hour and a half program full of fun and learning with horses!

Scouts will be paired up and partnered with a horse and barn helper.

First 30 minutes:  learn to groom and tack up
Second 30 minutes: First group rides, other group does a barn tour and activity.
Last 30 minutes: The groups switch.
Minimum of 10 participants – $45 each

Riding and Fun!

The group that rides will learn how to mount, their balanced position, how to make their horse walk, and halt and turn.  They will ride on a small trail in the woods and play a game.  They will also do a little trotting. Then the groups will switch.  The group that isn’t riding does a barn tour and activity.

What to Wear

Wear closed toe shoes and long pants.  Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended.

Siblings & Friends

Siblings and friends are welcome to participate – all fees and releases will apply to these extra riders.

IMPORTANT: Each rider MUST bring a completed release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. DOWNLOAD & PRINT HERE.

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